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Inspire Drums has a history of managing, learning, and training in a corporate environment with ties to groundbreaking academic institutions and research projects. Bringing rigour and professionalism to projects and delivering world class results to corporate, educational, and therapeutic clients.

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Through the medium of drumming and percussion, Inspire Drums CEO Phil Jones - who is an avid and gifted drummer - and his dynamic team of outstanding facilitators draw upon the primal tribal urge in us all to deliver unforgettable experiences, life changing skills, and proven therapeutic benefits. This unique skill set is a powerful force for change, bringing measurable increases in confidence, motor skills, and communication. 

Inspire Drums is a unique deliverer of personal development that not just works, but continues to benefit those who take part throughout their lives - all backed by cutting edge research in an engaging and memorable environment. 

Our Services

We specialise in corporate events to provide a practical, memorable experience that cuts through complexity & jargon in a fun, dynamic and creative way.


Working with the Clem Burke Drumming Project, we offer scientifically supported therapy for a wide range of needs.


Our drum teachers travel all over the Gloucestershire area providing fun, accessible lessons for all ages and abilities. We teach absolute beginners right up to one-on-one masterclasses for professional level players.


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