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We have many years experience working with children and adults with autism, physical and learning difficulties and brain injury. Across the board, we have seen improvements in motor skills, co-ordination, self-expression, confidence, and behaviour, as well as technical ability. We believe that music and rhythm are powerful tools with strongly therapeutic effects.

Working in conjunction with the Clem Burke Drumming Project (Blondie’s drummer, with a group of British Sports Scientists), who have published several papers demonstrating the exceptional physical & neurological benefits of kit drumming, Inspire Drums participated in designing and conducting studies into the benefits of drumming for autistic children, and the wellbeing effects for staff in the workplace.

As a result of these successful studies, we now operate a therapy programme at The Milestone School in Gloucester, with plans to expand into other special schools in the county in the coming academic year.

The benefits of kit drumming are limitless, with applications for dementia, stroke recovery, mental health, eating disorders, addiction, physical disabilities, learning disabilities… the list goes on…

We are also in the final stages of developing a Corporate Wellbeing Strategy to roll out to businesses in the immediate future.

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