Phil Jones

​I’m Phil, founder of Inspire Drums.


We are a family run business, aiming to achieve what we preach. We bring an eclectic and unique set of skills, developed over years of drumming experiences, techniques and challenges.


If we go back to the beginning, I started drumming, aged 12, with passion and desire to make noise. After a lot of loud banging, for many years, I found myself in a successful punk/pop band, Strain. I have enjoyed over 35 years of live performance, studio recording and session work.


After my punk days passed, I developed my drumming in new directions, I found a speciality in feel and connecting through music. I pursued this so I could apply it to my work, encourage others to experience music in new ways and connect with the drums in an empathetic way.


Looking back at my job history, I began at Dowty as a Craft Apprentice, developing many practical & technical skills before returning to college to study management and eventually working as part of the Senior Management team specifying in people & process management and training & personal development.


In my mid-20’s I worked as a snowboard instructor, a sport that I still enjoy today. I found success in snowboarding and quickly becoming one of the first accredited dry slope instructors in the UK. Just from this alone, I learnt important coaching skills in what was a challenging environment.


After many years of working away from drums, I decided to step out of the corporate world and I started Inspire Drums with a goal, to help others through music. The journey I have taken so far has opened my door to so many people, allowing me to experience music in all walks of life. A rewarding experience that brings a wide variety of skills into business, school and life. I have seen the benefits that drumming can unlock.


If you want to know more help unlocking unknown talents, developing character, and inspiring growth & confidence inspire drums may be a cool place to stop.

Sarah Jones

I’m Sarah, Phil’s wife & Partner in Inspire Drums.


We met in 1996 when I was a director of an independent record label that signed his band, and I was asked to act as the band’s manager. We married the same year, and I’ve actively contributed in all areas of Phil’s professional development, and encouraged him with his vision to found Inspire Drums.


I have worked in many arenas over the years – music, administration, IT, sales, youth work and as an equine veterinary nursing assistant!


My main role is to support Phil, bring creative ideas, network, and help materialise our plans moving forward.


Jon Coysh

I am Jon Coysh, a local youth worker and drum teacher with Inspire Drums. I have been playing drums since the age of 11, having been taught through the Inspire Drums program.


As a professional youth worker, I have a passion for teaching and supporting young people. I see it as a fantastic opportunity, not only to help people learn a new skill, but to also support people’s mental well-being. The superb research that Inspire Drums is involved with means that I can pursue my passion in new and exciting ways.


With a degree in youth work and diploma in Music Technology as well as years of experience, I have developed unique skills that allow me to easily communicate and teach people in a relaxed and entertaining environment.

Dane Nash

Dane has been a musician and drummer for over 13 years, having taken up playing at the age of 9. He has extensive experience in live performance, studio recording, and drum tutoring. 

His formal education includes two years studying Music Technology and achieving a Double Merit, as well as three years studying Professional Musicianship in Drums at the British Institute of Modern Music. 

He is also currently the resident drum tutor and drum specialist at Soundhouse Gloucester, a highly sought after position that has been filled exclusively by outstanding drummers since the inception of Soundhouse in 1974. 

Dane is incredibly proud to represent Inspire Drums, and is very keen to continue the excellent work in teaching started by the company.

Dane Drum photo.jpg
Liddy Photo.jpg
Lydia Ashley

My experience in digital and print marketing helps project the Inspire Drums name and ethos to an audience of individuals with a passion to learn drums. My main role in the team is to create and implement marketing campaigns, polish the brand and enforce the spirit of Inspire Drums to all those who come into contact with the business. 

I am a Music Industry Management graduate with experience in live event management and artist management. I saw projects from planning through to delivery and completion, booking UK tours and releasing two albums with supporting singles and music videos. My passion for music and competence in marketing lead me to become a part of the Inspire Drums team.

Sam Jones

Hey, Im Sam, Inspire’s in house design team.


I help with the logos, print and other jargon-y things to ensure that you see the orange drum everywhere you go! If you see a poster or business card, you can assume it came from me.


And I occasionally jump behind the drum kit to have a play and enjoy making music.

Sam Photo.jpg
Beka Photo.jpg
Rebekah Jones

I’m Rebekah, Phil & Sarah’s daughter, and Social Media

Co-Ordinator for Inspire Drums.


Having parents involved with music, it has always been a big part of my life. I began singing publicly at a very young age, learning guitar at 14, and going on to study Music Tech full time at college.


I have many years experience of social media, and am able to bring a fresh approach to Inspire Drums online presence.

Join the team!

Inspire Drums is a dynamic business with growth in all our areas of operation.


Are you a teachable, reliable, committed person with drumming and people skills? We are always looking for people with the “right stuff” to involve in the many exciting projects we deliver. Get in touch if you would like to have a no obligation chat about what you have to offer.