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Team Building & Leadership Development

As Founder & CEO of Inspire Drums, Phil Jones brings with him several decades of experience of corporate leadership, training & development, and people & process management in a number of large, high profile, technical businesses.


Having benefitted from extensive professional business coaching and with outstanding scores in abstract reasoning, critical thinking and problem solving abilities, he is excellently equipped to deliver memorable, engaging and fully interactive training to develop skills and understanding of team dynamics and leadership techniques.

With a fully developed programme of inspiring activities, and a dynamic team of energetic and gifted facilitators, Inspire Drums is uniquely placed to energise and motivate your business.


Corporate Wellbeing

As part of the Clem Burke Drumming Project (see Therapy), Inspire Drums have helped develop an exciting and powerful system for delivering beneficial wellbeing programmes for staff in the workplace.


With the project’s published scientific studies demonstrating the dramatic effects of kit drumming on the physical, mental, emotional and neurological aspects of the person, we have the demonstrated skills to tailor an ongoing Wellbeing Programme to significantly benefit your workforce in a holistic and lasting manner.

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