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Inspire Drums have a number of drum tutors, who provide lessons for all ages and abilities, both in primary schools, and privately.

With many years of teaching – drums, snowboarding, and coaching in a business environment – Phil Jones has developed the Inspire Drums Method for teaching in a fun, accessible, progressive way that focusses on the individual, their strengths and capabilities, and allows the student to develop in their own way and at their own pace, with a strong emphasis on feel and understanding. This unique set of skills and experience has led to a teaching method that is truly one of a kind, and sets Inspire Drums apart.

Lessons work brilliantly for schools, as there is:

  • No admin burden – we handle all invoicing & communication with parents

  • (Next to) no noise – we use state of the art electric drum kits

  • No storage – we supply our own drums, and take them away at the end of the session

  • Limited space required – our drums take up no more room than an armchair

  • No obligation to take exams – Rock School Grades are available, but not essential

  • Flexibility – we are happy to work with you to best serve the needs of your students



Private lessons are provided at a number of locations, also using electric drums, including our state of the art, custom hybrid kit, with all the look and feel of an acoustic, but playable through headphones or speakers for a tailored feel. With a lifetime of experience, we can cater for absolute beginners, right up to one-to-one masterclasses for professional level players seeking to tweak their technique or gain a different perspective on their approach.


We are also specialists in working with children and adults with autism and a range of disabilities and limitations. Please contact us for more detailed information.

If you are interested in having a conversation about Inspire Drums providing lessons for your school, or want to find out more about private lessons with one of our excellent teachers, please get in touch.

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